About Us

Sousou Partners was founded in 2001 with offices in London and New York and has built long-standing relationships around the world. Our industry expertise and dynamic team allow us to consistently provide clients with reliable and insightful guidance in advising on and placing talent worldwide.

We approach each assignment from a holistic point of view. We believe in developing a partnership with our clients by combining professional knowledge and relationships with a personal, perceptive and peer-to-peer approach.

We have a successful track record in advising a diverse client base which includes investment firms, private equity groups, sovereign wealth funds and operating businesses.

Vision & Mission

Sousou Partners is all about people – the transformative power of people; the people we partner with, the people we place and the people we hire

We aim to impact the industries we service – by being astute long-term advisors with our partners’ best interest at the heart of every project

Our mission is to work with passion, relentless drive and creativity to create long-term value for our clients

Our Values

We are demanding of ourselves and our services. We work as one team with our clients, bringing passion, energy and pride to every assignment

We tailor every assignment to meet the unique needs of each client.  This delivers comprehensive search execution and swift results

We care about people. The people we partner with, the people we place and the people we hire. This is core to our service offering

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We handle sensitive information with care and act with our clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart


At Sousou Partners we have a particular commitment to diversity and to the fundamental idea that the sectors we serve are made inherently stronger and more competitive when they embrace more inclusive recruitment strategies.

We encourage our clients to pursue balanced people strategies actively looking for the absolute strongest candidate irrespective of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation and to recognise the benefits of having a mix of talents, perspectives and strengths.

Real estate, infrastructure and energy businesses have a disproportionate impact on the physical environment. We believe that having workforces that more accurately mirror the environments they are interacting with, makes our clients stronger, more appealing and more inspirational organisations.

Sousou Partners is all about people. We believe one of our key differentiators is that we embody this commitment with our clients. We think it is important to take this extra step and make this extra commitment – to ensure that talent is fully mobilised and that no barriers stand in the way of finding the most exceptional people.

Our Team

Sousou Partners has a strong team with proven credentials, international experience and long-standing relationships across all our sectors.

The team at Sousou Partners has diverse cultural and professional backgrounds with extensive language capabilities.

The Managing Partners have all had previous careers in industry in different parts of the world enabling a solid understanding of clients’ businesses.

More importantly, all of us are passionate about the work we do.

If you are interested in joining us please contact us at:  join@sousoupartners.com