Advisory Services

In addition to our executive search business, Sousou Partners offers a wide range of advisory services. Often our engagement with a client begins well before a specific executive search is envisaged.

We work closely with our clients acting as a sounding board and offering advice and consulting services on everything from strategic issues such as culture, diversity and organisational design to specific challenges like succession planning, behavioural interviewing and compensation structures.

We also offer intelligence reports custom-tailored to clients’ specific business needs including compensation reports, competitive landscape assessments and market perception reports.

Clients may choose to engage our advisory services or commission custom reports and industry analysis independent of specific search assignments.

This ability to work with clients to help them define and shape their approach to human capital well before embarking on any executive search is a hallmark service of Sousou Partners and illustrates our commitment to working in partnership with our clients.

Strategic Advisory


Increasingly we are being asked to help clients identify and introduce talent to meet a variety of workforce diversity challenges through:

–  assessing processes to identify factors that may be inhibiting diversity.
–  recommending strategies aimed at promoting diverse talent.
–  communicating the advantages of a diverse workforce.
–  helping clients implement measurable diversity goals and tracking progress.

Organisational design

Working with clients on evaluating and redesigning key aspects of organisational structure is another area of increasing importance. Whether it is performance management, culture and productivity or morale and employee engagement levels – we use a mix of qualitative approaches to derive insight and recommendations.


We offer a number of specific services integral to strategic human resources planning.

Succession planning – determining which key roles need to have a succession plan and identifying potential successors and their development needs.

Selection and assessment – evaluating current selection processes and criteria to determine effectiveness in delivering client objectives and designing new processes if needed.

Behavioral interviewing – developing behavioral interview guidelines to elicit information essential to assessing candidates’ fitness for the role.

Compensation advisory – evaluating existing structure in relation to motivators of retention and other identified challenges and recommending specific compensation mechanisms to address identified challenges.

On-boarding senior staff – designing tailored on-boarding processes involving key information, introductions and partners needed to ensure senior hires make a strong start.

Team acquisitions – locating and hiring a complete management and operations team prior to beginning a particular venture anywhere in the world. This allows clients to assign all necessary key personnel directly to any start-up or new business acquisition.


Sousou Partners understands that, when it comes to truly useful corporate research, one size does not fit all. Market Perception Reports, Competitive Landscape Analysis, and Organisational Assessments, to name just a few important areas of industry intelligence, all call for information focused on a company’s specific situation and objectives.

Sousou Partners designs and produces customised research reports to provide clients with the precise information they need.

Compensation reports

Our worldwide scope gives us the ability to analyse and report on compensation levels and trends throughout our clients’ industries and across international borders. We use the data to help our clients offer compensation structures and/or packages most beneficial to both them and the executives they hire.

Sousou Connect

Sousou Connect is a matchmaking service that puts contacts, intelligence, relationships, knowledge and opportunities to work on behalf of our clients. It is a natural extension of the Sousou ethos of acting as ambassadors on behalf of our clients. 


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