Difference between recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection can be two interloping and often confusing concepts. Here is your ultimate guide on the difference between the two. We will talk about these two processes, their definitions, and we will also highlight the difference between the two.

Recruitment is the process of finding potential applicants, infusing into their minds to send their applications for an anticipated vacancy. Selection, on the other hand, is the process involved in hiring employees among all the candidates that have been shortlisted, giving them a job. The population of the world increases every day, making it so difficult to get a nice job. All employers are in search of an adequate candidate for the vacant position. Since the workforce supply has gone high, employers are now left with a great opportunity to choose the best candidate for the job.

Difference between recruitment and selection

What is the difference between recruitment and selection?

Before we answer this question that is stated above, we will first define recruitment as well as selection. All employers are in search of an adequate candidate for the vacant position. Since the workforce supply has gone high, employers are now left with a great opportunity to choose the best candidate for the job.


As we have mentioned earlier, it is a process of searching out applicants and inspiring them to apply for the job. This process is very long as different activities are involved which includes analyzing the requirements of the job. Below are the activities that are involved in this process of recruiting employees.

  • Analyzing the job requirement
  • Making adverts for the vacancy
  • Making the candidates attracted to the job
  • Managing the response
  • Scrutinizing the applications
  • Shortlisting the candidates

Human Resource Management (HRM) handles the recruitment either externally or otherwise. Internal recruitments are done through promotion, ex-employees, references, transfers, retired employees, retrenched employees, and so on. While external recruitment is done through unsolicited applicants, the internet, third-party agencies, advertisement, etc.

Analyzing the job requirement


This is done by an organization, whereby they select qualified candidates from the number of aspiring applicants. This is the period whereby applicants are being hired to fill up the vacancies in the company. In other words, the selection is the process of choosing the right person for the job.

There is no doubt that many people send their applications for one job during recruitment, then the recruiters will have o make their decision as to which candidate is right to have the job. Different activities are involved in the selection process. They are as follows:

  • Screening
  • Elimination of inadequate candidates
  • Conducting tests (aptitude, performance, personality, intelligence test, etc).
  • Interview
  • Reference check
  • Medical tests

The selection process is time-consuming. The reason is that Human Resource managers will need to check out how eligible each candidate is for the job. They will also look out for their educational qualifications, age, background, and so on. The next step is the written examination followed y the interview. This too is indeed a tough task.

recruitment methods

What is the difference between HR and Recruiter?

It is very easy to understand these two. To understand it better, HR involves giving support to employees in a particular organization. Then a recruiter has the duty of finding candidates to be employees. What we are saying, in essence, is that HR deals only with the employees, while the recruiter relates only with the candidates till have applied for the job.

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Conducting tests
The important differences between the two processes!
  • Recruitment involves finding candidates and inspiring them to apply for the job. Then, selection involves hiring the most suitable candidates, giving them the job. The process of recruitment is positive, attracting more applicants to send in their applications for a job. On the other hand, the selection is negative, as unfit candidates are all rejected.
  • Recruitment aims to attract a lot of candidates to seek a vacant post. While selection involves the rejection of unfit candidates, picking the best ones.
  • The recruitment process is simple. This is because a recruiter pays less attention to the scrutiny of the candidate, while the selection is more complex. This is because the employer will spend all his time knowing every single thing about the candidates to enable him to choose the best among them all. This is indeed a time-consuming task.
  • The process of recruitment does not consume time because it involves searching for and encouraging candidates to apply for the job. Selection is time-consuming because of the many activities that are involved before the candidates can be shortlisted and appointed.
  • Recruiters use various means to notify candidates about vacancies such as magazines, the internet, newspapers, etc. they will also provide forms to make applications easy for the candidates. Several stages must be passed during selection. For example, written examinations, interviews, medical tests, and so on.
  • Recruitment is economical, while the selection is expensive.

Employees are the most crucial factor, that makes big or small companies successful. If a suitable employee works in the company, every member of the organization will benefit. Both recruitment and selection are vital in choosing the best candidates for any job. Difference between recruitment and selection.