Executive Search

Sousou Partners addresses clients’ needs for top-tier talent around the world, from key hires of individual executives to securing complete teams.

Search Process

Identifying the right candidates for our clients’ needs and guiding both sides through the entire hiring process is a significant part of our core business.

Sousou Partners begins every assignment with a thorough analysis of every aspect of a search, from desired candidate attributes and specific position requirements to possible impediments to success.

Our entire approach is designed to be as flexible as necessary, and is uniquely tailored to client requirements.

We know the value that both soft and hard skills add to the success of a placement. Once a candidate has successfully met our skill set evaluation filter, we use our proprietary 360 reference report to ensure the utmost attention is paid to cultural fit.

Key Hires

Key hires are among the most strategic decisions a company can make.

By maintaining on-going relationships with top talent in all our sectors, we identify and recruit leading candidates for key positions anywhere in the world.

Team Hires

Expansions, acquisitions, and other corporate decisions can often result in the need to create or deploy a highly capable team of several key people whose skills augment one another and whose personalities mesh flawlessly.

We have extensive experience in identifying optimal fits on all levels and organically building successful teams for our clients. By matching complementary skills and thoroughly understanding a client’s culture, we put together individual hires to ensure smoothly functioning teams from day one.

Premier Talent Program

Our Premier Talent Programme exclusively represents selected top talent in all our sectors. It markets talent to institutions which may benefit from the candidates’ expertise in one or more defined areas.

We build strong long-term relationships with our clients by keeping track of their needs, developments and aspirations. Based on client needs and individual career goals and interests, we selectively introduce top talent where we believe there could be a strong match.