Functions and Areas of Focus


Real asset investment strategies and talent needs have become more sophisticated, nuanced, and integrated over the past twenty years as the industry has matured and evolved. Many organizations are taking a more holistic approach across the life cycle, understanding that the key front-end capital and investment management roles work best when they are viewed as part of the entire ecosystem including advisory, development and operations, research, and governance roles.

Increasingly clients are appreciating the value brought by each of these core skill sets, how they complement each other, and the importance of strengthening capability across the life cycle. Engaging an executive talent and advisory firm that has the expertise to operate in each of these areas and understand the changing nature of these functions and how they work together is increasingly a benchmark requirement.

Capital Management

It is a point of differentiation that Sousou Partners is able to identify debt and equity raising opportunities and to offer introductions to different sources of capital.  This ability to act on capital management requirements and to offer advisory services around investor relations, once an acquisition is planned, is playing a more integral part in our overall service offering. We hire experts in capital-raising, both in the debt and equity markets with strong track records, for firms wanting to strengthen this area.

Investment Management

The wide array of investment management roles is the core of what Sousou Partners has been doing for more than twenty years. Identifying executives skilled in M&A work, deal origination, structuring and underwriting, corporate finance and debt advisory services, and all the associated professional and advisory skills supporting successful deal completion is a key strength of Sousou Partners.

Asset management is probably part of the real asset value chain that has changed the most. We are being asked by clients to identify and hire an increasing number of senior executives with valuable asset management skills. Increasing the value of the asset itself is a major theme for many real asset investors these days. Identifying top fund managers is a core part of our business in the real asset sector. Understanding the type of investment professional the client is looking for to manage the philosophy, allocation strategy and portfolio management of its investment strategy is critical. Culture and team fit are usually key considerations here, as well as understanding the circumstances and motivations that may make the time ripe to encourage fund managers to move from other organizations.

Analytics, Research, and Insight

Data analytics, research, and insight is a growing field in most industries and real assets is no different.  We identify and place top talent in the growing fields of research, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics.

Development and Operations 

Sousou Partners also has a significant focus on development and operating roles. We identify and place development, construction, and project management specialists for all kinds of real asset developments.


A particular growth area is our work with clients in the hospitality and leisure sectors, where we are increasingly being asked to find world-class expertise in brand management, hotel expansion, development, operations, and senior management.

We place strategic sales and marketing executives skilled in leveraging a hotel’s brand equity and knowing how best to guide brands wanting to expand in a new geographical or demographic market. We also identify General Managers for hotels and resorts and work with C-suite professionals for operating companies, owners, and service companies.

Governance Functions

Governance functions and their associated skill sets have undergone significant change in the past decade. The importance of strong financial, reputational, and risk governance plus a progressive approach to human capital, culture, and diversity cannot be overstated. Ensuring best practices in an era of increasing and ever-changing regulation is critical. Governance skills also drive real, quantifiable value for businesses. Upgrading talent in these key areas is often a top priority for clients.

  • Finance and Tax

We have a long track record of successfully hiring senior financial executives specializing in audit, legal and compliance, tax and financial planning, and analysis.  We regularly recruit Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers, Heads of Finance, Heads of Tax, and other financial leaders.

  • Risk Management

We regularly place Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Operational, Market, and Reputational Risk. These roles need incredibly careful consideration as they require substantial and specific skills and the ability to play a critically influential role on the executive management team.

  • Legal and Compliance

In today’s heavily regulated markets, identifying the right Chief Legal Counsel or Head of Compliance is critically important in helping clients strengthen their business, regulatory, and client relationships. Senior legal positions now increasingly impact a firm’s bottom-line by anticipating regulatory change, proactively moving to de-risk the business, and ensuring compliance around complicated contracts and changing policies. The Chief Legal Counsel – like the Head of Human Resources – has moved from the periphery to the core of most businesses.

  • Human Resources

We specialize in identifying and recruiting top global talent in Human Capital and People Resources. Increasingly HR Heads have a seat at the top management table and are being tasked with helping boards change corporate culture and drive values and behavior programs. They are often the member of the senior leadership team most attuned to the value that comes from having a strong employer brand and are at the forefront of efforts to drive employee retention, engagement, and productivity and modernize corporate policy.