At Sousou Partners, we believe in having a point of view. For over twenty years, it is what our clients have come to expect and to value. Having a point of view about their talent needs, compensation structures, and recruitment processes – but also the type of businesses they are seeking to build and the cultures they are nurturing.

Our annual compensation review has become the centerpiece of our insight work. Each year we benchmark compensation trends across a number of job roles, geographies, and sectors and make this work – suitably anonymized and confidential – available to clients and the media. We also look beyond the immediate world of recruitment. We regularly scan the operating landscape to identify emerging topics and trends that have the potential to affect our clients or the overall real asset sector. And then we research, reflect and review to bring a deeper understanding to our work.

Sometimes we simply write about what has moved us and what we believe is important.

The Round-Up, June 2023

When considering Sousou Partners’ recent Real Estate Debt Compensation Study and the associated hiring spree of 2021/2022, coupled with the reported outsized pay increases provided by certain members of the lending community, it’s important to consider a few reasons why? We believe our readers care about where we’re going as well as from where we came from, so we hope this helps.

June 13th, 2023|Newsletters|

Interview with Charles Walford

Charles Walford is a Senior Development Director and Head of Life Sciences at Stanhope. Since joining in 1989, he has developed a specialism in the ‘front end’ of the development process including identification and securing new opportunities, managing all aspects of pre-development including planning as well as general de-risking projects to enable implementation to take place.

June 13th, 2023|Interviews|

Interview with Dina Karim

Dina Karim is an executive HR leader with multicultural, diversified experience in local and multinational organizations. In her 17+ years’ experience, working predominantly in Riyadh, she has led across the spectrum of human resource functions including organizational transformation and development, talent management, recruitment, and strategy, support services, change management, and enterprise-wide innovation.

June 13th, 2023|Interviews|

Sousou Partners Real Estate Debt Compensation Survey 2023

Alternative lenders play catch-up on compensation. Remuneration growth has slowed in European real estate debt markets. But non-bank lenders have narrowed the gap with the big payers in the investment banking sector. While European real estate debt remains a lucrative sector in which to work, the trend seen in recent years towards higher salaries and bonuses was not universally evident in 2022’s tougher market conditions.

June 10th, 2023|Press Releases, Published Articles|

The Round-Up, March 2023

The recent anniversaries of the first Covid lockdowns in Europe and the war in Ukraine are sobering reminders of the challenges we have all faced over the last few years. Many of us in the real estate industry have experienced the first major downturn of our careers, with instability in capital markets causing new deals to grind to a halt ...

March 20th, 2023|Newsletters|

Interview with Eric Adler

Eric Adler is the president and chief executive officer of PGIM Real Estate. PGIM Real Estate is one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world, offering a broad range of real estate equity and debt solutions across the risk-return spectrum.

March 20th, 2023|Interviews|

The Round-Up, December 2022

Today, we find the world still facing significant headwinds with CRE pricing reset 25% to 30%, sluggish GDP, increasing interest rates and lacklustre employment. Some pundits are beginning to utter the ‘s-word’, stagflation. As defined, it seems clear that most major economies are in or are headed towards stagflation ...

December 11th, 2022|Newsletters|

Interview with Ward Fitzgerald

Ward Fitzgerald is the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managing Principal of EQT Exeter, an international real estate equity fund investment group and real estate development and operating company with offices in 40 locations in the US, Europe, Asia, Brazil, and Mexico.

December 11th, 2022|Interviews|

Global Real Assets Survey 2022

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Sousou Partners survey – Real Assets Round Up. We are delighted to share with you the results which offer a global outlook reflecting on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023.

December 11th, 2022|Survey|

The Round-Up, October 2022

Whilst Europe was on holiday this summer, you could be forgiven for thinking the world was falling apart. The macro picture went from bad to catastrophic as spiraling inflation (the worst in Europe for decades) and in turn, the “cost of living” became a nightmare across the continent and indeed globally.

October 11th, 2022|Newsletters|
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