A comprehensive pay scale of the commercial property debt industry

Commercial real estate debt professionals generally earned the best pay in 2018 working within the banking sector, according to a new compensation report provided exclusively by executive search and advisory firm Sousou Partners.

The firm provided ranges of pay, including base salaries, bonuses, and total pay packets, for three types of lending organisation – banks, debt funds, and insurance companies – across four levels of seniority during 2018. The scales are based on 374 data points gathered across the US and European real estate debt markets.

In Sousou’s categories, ‘banks’ includes commercial real estate lending teams within commercial banks and investment banking lending teams. The ‘debt funds’ category includes independent alternative lending businesses, as well as debt platforms run by investment management or private equity companies.

By: Daniel Cunningham
PUBLISHED: March 2019, on Real Estate Capital.


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