Executive Search and Consulting Services

Sousou Partners offers a full range of executive search, compensation management, leadership consulting, and board practice services. We have two special areas of focus that we are extremely proud of: our focus on diversity and our premier talent programme.


Sousou Partners is a recognized global leader in understanding compensation trends, patterns, and best practices in the real asset sector.  We publish a comprehensive compensation review annually that benchmarks against a number of criteria. This study gives clients insight and invaluable guidance about the compensation landscape in this sector.

We are experts at providing compensation advisory services – evaluating existing compensation structures and recommending changes to address specific challenges in an organization.

Leadership Consulting

Sousou Partners offers a range of leadership consulting services.  Much of this work is informed by the insight and understanding we generate through our research.  We understand that one size does not fit all.

We regularly deliver tailored market perception reports, competitive landscape analysis, and organisational assessments that help leaders better understand their company’s specific situation and objectives. This customised research often helps further inform three specific services we offer leaders.

  • Organisational Advisory

We work with leaders on evaluating and redesigning key aspects of organizational structure. Whether it is performance management, culture, and productivity, or morale and employee engagement levels – we use a mix of qualitative approaches to derive insight and recommendations.

  • Succession Planning

Succession planning is critical to ensuring the smooth transition of leadership in an organization. We help clients determine which key roles require a succession plan and identify potential successors and their development needs.

  • Executive Coaching and Assessments

Leading any organization is challenging and often leaders benefit from independent methods of eliciting support and feedback. We offer executive coaching and informal advisory services, as well as leadership assessment reviews via a 360-degree feedback process.

Board Practice

The pressure on boards has never been greater. Pressure from regulators, investors, stakeholders, employees, media and activist groups is significant.  We understand that boards need to be representative, responsible and responsive.

We work with clients on issues such as board diversity and composition, compensation and structure and recruitment and on-boarding.

  • Board Evaluations

Sousou Partners is experienced in assessing clients’ existing methods of evaluating board effectiveness. We advise clients on the design of evaluation methodologies as well as offering insight into key issues affecting effectiveness.

  • Board Search

We work with clients on both individual board appointments and on efforts to strengthen, restructure or overhaul boards. Often this includes similar dynamics to team building.

  • Board Compensation

Compensation is a Sousou Partners’ strength. Given our global understanding of compensation patterns in the real asset sector, we are able to help clients identify and calibrate best practice and competitive and compensation packages.

Diversity Focus

At Sousou Partners we have a particular commitment to diversity and to the fundamental idea that the sectors we serve are made inherently stronger and more competitive when they embrace more inclusive recruitment strategies.

We encourage our clients to pursue balanced people strategies actively looking for the strongest candidate irrespective of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation and to recognise the benefits of having a mix of talents, perspectives and strengths.

Premier Talent Programme

Our Premier Talent Programme exclusively represents selected top talent in all our sectors. The programme identifies and markets these individuals to institutions that may benefit from the candidates’ expertise in one or more defined areas.

This bespoke match-making service of high talent individuals who could meet the specific needs of clients is a good example of the Sousou Partners’ ethos.

Through our long-term relationships with clients, we keep track of their needs and aspirations.  By continuously monitoring client needs and the pool of premier talent available -we can selectively introduce top talent where we believe there could be a strong match.