The Year Ahead – 2022

To our valued clients and friends,

After two decades of exclusively focusing on the Real Assets industry through talent advisory, we find ourselves in an opportune position of having significant and timely intelligence on the industry.  We have been communicating much of our knowledge through our search assignments and platform introduction activity but find that we can do better at collating relevant information. Hence the Round Up.

We will be sharing regular market insights, recent key moves, transactions, and market trends.  We will be highlighting impressive profiles, summarising our activities from interviews, webinars, and roundtables.  We will also be folding in our periodical “As Raw As It Gets” writeups where we quote thought leaders on their views on hot current topics.  This issue’s RAW will focus on 2022 Challenges.

As a business, we believe 2022 will be an exciting year full of growth as well as challenges. 2022 follows an extremely eventful year (by most definitions) including a pandemic, intense liquidity, a bull market, strong (maybe even extreme) hiring activity, and a considerable amount of senior level ‘change of guard’ activity. We recognise as a firm we are ‘skewed optimists’ given we tend to represent clients in growth mode. For every organisation that has done well, we have no doubt there have been / will be those significantly affected. We believe 2022 will certainly be a year for re-calibration, continued thoughtful strategic change, and transition management. There is no doubt that WFH will continue to significantly impact the way we all do business (and retain or lose talent) and cementing these changes will be part and parcel of this year’s challenges.

We hope you enjoy the Round Up and would like to encourage any feedback you may have for us,
so that we can refine this paper to add as much value as we can for our readers.

Best wishes,

Ghada Sousou